Hotel room rate per night is $159 for single or double, $184 for 3 guests,
and $209 for 4 guests, subject to availability and not including any taxes
and fees.
Request the Convention discounted parking rate of $25 per day.

For further information, please contact Moshe at bump3579@gmail.com

The International Conventions welcome trained service animals that meet the US and California ADA regulations. The work or tasks performed by the service animal must be directly related to the guest’s disability. 
Click here for additional information.

The LAX Marriott hotel policy concerning pets is stated on their website as follows: “Pets Not Allowed. No pets allowed – service animals only in first floor rooms”

For arrivals at LAX airport, click here.

For additional questions about transportation to the hotel from any regional airport or train station, please contact Jeff F at transportation@iclosangeles2024.com

The deadline to apply for a refund has passed and refund requests
are no longer being accepted. Click here for the refund policy.

The ordinance is intended to help give workers fair compensation and a safe work environment. This fee for the SA/S-Anon Convention has been negotiated in our contract to be removed at checkout, but it will be shown on everyone’s original invoice.